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Get LIT About Your Passions: Animals and Literature

Updated: May 28, 2019

Having More Than One Passion

I write for children, to protect and preserve their lovable innocence. I am equally passionate about the lovable innocence of animals, which must also be protected and preserved.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened .” Anatole France

Grab the Tissues

Lilo is an amazing Husky that adopted a kitten, Rosie, who was stray and starving. Rosie had taken a turn for the worst and was dying but after Lilo's owner put her dog, Lilo, together with Rosie the kitten, Lilo valiantly took on a mother's role and motivated the kitten to drink life-saving milk. Lilo would not leave Rosie's side, nursed her back to health, and bonded with her as would a mother with her child. Watch this video to witness a cat and dog relationship like you have never seen before. If this does not show you how capable animals are of love, empathy, and human-like bonds, then nothing will. Follow Lilo, Infinity and Rosie on Instagram, @lilothehusky, and on Facebook at Lilo The Husky. The owners of these amazing pets regularly rescue kittens and cats, rehabilitate them, and find them homes. They accept donations for this beautiful and wonderful cause. #liloandrosie #lilothehusky #thedodo #huskies #dogs #cats


Animals Care for Each Other

When wildfires broke out in wine country, Odin the hero dog swore to protect and preserve the lives of his goat herd. When his human family was packing up to leave their home and flee the fire, they tried to take Odin with them. Odin refused. He sat down, anchored himself and made a solid decision not to leave his goat friends. Sadly, the family had no choice but to leave. When they returned, you'll be amazed at what they found. #odin #odinandtessa #herodogodin #californiadogsavesgoatsinwildfire #hendelfire #goatsanddogs


This video is among my favorites of all animal videos on social media, this one posted by World 5 List. These stories prove that many animals in the wild animal kingdom not only wish to avoid negative or harmful interaction with humans, but also have an instinct to save us when saving is needed. Some of which go up against their own predators to save our lives, or enter life-threatening environments, risking their own lives. This in no way means that wild animals are cute and cuddly and of no danger to us. We should always avoid wild animals and stay away from their habitats. This video however, is a testament that animals think, feel and express empathy. If we could all just understand that and appreciate it, perhaps it would greatly reduce the deeply disturbing killing sprees that are frighteningly reducing populations of animal species. Killings and slaughters are at the hands of kill-for-sport hunters, poachers, and nations of people who kill domestic pets, (such as cats and dogs), for cuisine. Please research organizations to learn if any are right for you and your efforts, such as PETA, ASPCA, Animal Equality, FARM, FOA, LCA, MFA, and SAFE. There are many great organizations out there! #peta #aspca #ae #farm #foa #lca #mfa #safe #animalrights


Animals and Literature

Get LIT with Animals

1. Carl Safina: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

#carlsafina #picador #animalsthink #animalsfeel #animalrights


2. Joel Sartore: The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals

Published by National Geographic

Douglas H. Chadwick; Introduction, Harrison Ford; Foreword

#natgeo #joelsartore #douglaschadwick #harrisonford


3. Guideposts: All God's Creatures: Daily Devotions for Animal Lovers

#guideposts #animals #animallovers #faith #devotional


4. Brian Burgess: We Will See Our Pets in Heaven: The Afterlife of Animals from a Biblical Perspective

#brianburgess #petgrief #petloss #pets #outskirtspress #rainbowbridge


5. Marc Bekoff:

The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy ― and Why They Matter

Published by New World Library

Jane Goodall; Foreword

#marcbekoff #janegoodall #newworldlibrary #animalrights #animalsthink #animalsfeel



Hallmark Channel's Adoption Ever After is a worthy cause. Larissa Wohl heads up the efforts with Rebecca Romijn as Ambassador. With celebrities and the Hallmark Channel as a platform for this campaign, as well as sponsors like Bissell and Pedigree Foundation, it's cause and message reach a global audience, which is better than fantastic. I love watching Hallmark Channel's Home & Family and being a witnessing audience member to the pure-hearted efforts of this campaign. If you love animals and believe in rescue, you love Adoption Ever After. If you have room in your home, adopt a pet and give them their happily after after. If there's no more room in the inn but you have room in your heart, donate to this or any of many amazing animal rescue organizations.

#hallmarkchannel #AdoptionEverAfter #larissawohl #rebeccaromijn #bissell #animalrescue #pedigreefoundation #everypupssuperpower #petrescue #petadoption #saveapet #pets

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