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LIT: Shopping Love

Updated: May 28, 2019

Shop for These Unique Items for Book Lovers and Animal Lovers

Today, it's trendy to love a nerd. a nerd. But don't be a cotton headed ninny muggins, (nerd points if you know where that term comes from)! Shop these latest and greatest things that reflect your love of books, love of reading and love of book nerds. Never to forget, the love of animals as well.

“Buying new things is easy. It's the spending of money that's so hard.” Rachel Barreiros

These are a few of my lit favorites. Also, a few favorites for the animal lover in us all. Since I love buying new things, I'm always watching out for the latest and greatest things that drop my jaw, tickle my toes, straighten my spine and melt my heart. Not to mention, spend my money! What have you got for me? Got lit? Follow me on social media and share it with me and I'll share it with my readers. Don't forget awesome things for my animal lovers.


Never Underestimate a Well-Read Woman Mug @blasbleucatalog

I'm not a coffee drinker. I wish I could be, truly, but I just can't seem to make it happen. However, I am a MAJOR hot cocoa fan and my cocoa would make quite the appropriate statement in this "hear me roar" mug. P.S. Never underestimate a woman. That's all.


Literary Shakespeare Sets by Insight Editions

This stationery set includes 20 note cards with classic Shakespeare quotes, 20 envelopes, 20 embossed gold sticker seals, a hardcover pocket journal and a keepsake box. Why not, on a midsummer's night, sit down to write your own poetic note, and send it by classic mail, keeping more than one classic alive. #insighteditions


It's Not Hoarding if it's Books T-shirt by WickedChickenDesigns

Seriously, though. It's not, right? There's really never enough books. Tell me that every one of you don't wish you had a library in your house like the one in Disney's Beauty and the Beast or in the Cinderella story, Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore, Dougray Scott and Anjelica Huston. So, the shirt could also state, It's Not Hoarding if it's Books, it's Just a Library. Either way, this t-shirt is fabulous and is perfectly gender neutral. #wickedchickendesigns #etsy #everafter #20thcenturyfox #disney #beautyandthebeast


Reading is Lit T-shirt by Mysttique Apparel

I'm sure you're saying, "Another shirt?" I get it. But there are so many good ones and again, gender neutral. Since my blog is LIT, then I have to lead you to this Reading is Lit t-shirt. You could buy it and DIY it with a hashtag Rachel Barreiros. Huh? Great idea, right? I'm a thinker.


Symbolic Species Adoption Kit by World Wildlife Fund Organization

As an animal lover, I sincerely love this idea. You can make a donation to the organization and symbolically adopt an animal of your choice. There's 140 + animals to choose from. Your purchase supports WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats. There's a kit you can purchase that includes an adoption certificate, a photo of your adopted animal, plush stuffed animal toys that you could shamelessly snuggle and cuddle, a species informational card and a special gift bag or box. If you can symbolically adopt a highway, a star, or a child in need, then why not a beloved animal? Visit their site and show your love. If you're an animal lover, you probably already have every novelty gift item, but this might just be the thing you don't have and the one thing you really need. To help and to make a real difference. #worldwildlife #wwf


Dog Parent Customizable Coffee Mug by Zazzle

This adorable, (and genius I might say), mug speaks for your pet in his or her point of view, and speaks with a wise guy loyalty that you'll both laugh at, out loud, and appreciate. I know I do. This mug can be addressed to dog dad or dog mom, addressed from your dog's name, personalized with your dog's photo and customized with your dog's breed. How's that for a variety of options? Do you love this as much as I do?

#zazzle #zazzlestore #dog #ilovemydog #dogrescue #furbaby


Moodycards Cat Lovers Desktop Flipbook of Memes by Moodycards at

Ok, do I even need to say anything here? Cute cats and memes! Drop the mic.

#moodycards #chewy #catlover


Cherub Angel Holding Dog Statue or Holding Cat Statue by Grasslands Road at

This small statue can sit on a table, a mantle, or any area of display indoors, as well as a porch, a patio, a garden, or at a pet grave site. When I lost my beautiful Romeo, a long-haired Chihuahua that was my heart and my soul, then not long after, lost my precious Ashton, my little lamb chop Morkie, I was inconsolably grief-stricken. I reached for anything and everything that would keep them intangibly in my life. Anything that would celebrate them. But even more, anything that would make me feel that they might possibly go on to Heaven like we can do. Rainbow Bridge gave me a bit of that hope. Just a flicker of hope that I could be with them again in Heaven one day. It didn't matter how true or false that was. Only the hope mattered. These statues indirectly give that hope. Therefore, I find these to be more than perfect for a pet parent suffering loss.

#grasslandsroad #chewy #petparent #petgrief #petloss #rainbowbridge

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