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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one .” George R. R. Martin


As of August, 2020, my first book, Blue Skies & Cherry Pies, was launched on Amazon. This book has great meaning and purpose to me. Recently, my mom, Pauline, was diagnosed with #Alzheimers. My mom has always been my sincerest fan and loudest cheerleader, encouraging and pushing me to step out from behind shadows of those I've worked with and for, and be my own sun. It has been a long journey trying to get a book noticed, wanted, and trade published while my mom was still cognizant and fully capable of appreciating my achievement. Ultimately, I could no longer wait on the querying and submission process that I had so wholeheartedly believed and trusted in. I had to move on to self-publishing so that I could place a tangible book in my mom's hands, while it could still draw a smile across her face and pull tears from her eyes. Today, she is a proud mom of her daughter who has published a book about a story of my own daughter, Brittany. My mom still believes this book will end up on the bookshelves of every brick-and-mortar bookstore across the globe.

I'm so thankful of my mom's steadfast belief in me and my writing skills, and I'm grateful of my daughter, Brittany, whose meaningful and memorable sweetness inspired me to write about her story and share it with the world. May you all find this story to be motivational to care so much about those you love, that you'll do anything to help and comfort them in their hour of need. Even if it is as simple as smile-sparking words like blue skies and cherry pies.

For my three generations: my mom, myself, and my daughters, here's to dreaming and hoping that this book may still one day get trade published and live beautifully on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Half Price Books, Powell's Books and City Lights Books throughout the world, as well as the dramatic-comedy novel I'm currently working on and nearly finished with.

#askagent #getpublished #amwriting


In Celebration of Walt Whitman's 200th Birthday

For a quart of Ale is a dish for a king.” William Shakespeare

Bell's Brewery, located in Kalamazoo, MI, known for releasing beer and series of flavors from which they have drawn inspiration from the arts, from music and literature, and from the Great Lakes, has announced the upcoming release of it's Leaves of Grass series. The series will kick off in late May, 2019, with the first beer being Song of Myself IPA, and the timing of the release of the first beer coincides with Walt Whitman's 200th birthday.

In a press release, it states that Larry Bell, President and Founder of Bell's Brewery, declares Leaves of Grass, one of Walt Whitman's literary classics, first published in 1855, is one of the brewery's president's literary favorites and that each new beer in the series will be named after and inspired by one of Whitman's poems. The seven new beers in the series will be released about every two months after the release of the first. Each specialty beer will be limited and will conclude in May of 2020.

What a unique way to keep your brand fresh and trending by constantly finding new sources of inspiration. I'm not a beer drinker but with Walt Whitman's work as inspiration for the beers, I certainly have to try them. Isn't that the point? To draw inspiration that inspires others. It is! And Larry Bell has done it. #bellsbeer #waltwhitman #leavesofgrass


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