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As a freelance writer, I blog, write copy, content, children's books and poems. Writing isn't just something for the professional in the writer's world. Everyone needs help sometimes. You might need help with responses when English is a second language, or when words are not your greatest strength, or simply when you don't have the time or the word power to articulately verse a writing project. You may find the need for help with poems, correspondence, cover letters, greeting cards, love letters, song lyrics, advertisements, or social media posts. The three R's are among the most basic of life's skills. I cover two of them. It's my superpower. I can lend my superpower to you. Contact me for help with the power of words. 

Just a Few of My Works

I Have Many Poems and Children's Book Projects

elephants superior.jpg
A Poem I ghostwrote and was honored
We Call Ourselves Superior

We allow our minds to be opened every day,

To a new fact, or lesson of shock or awe;

We allow our hearts to be shaped and swayed,

Our person to be changed by humanity’s flaw.


Why not be moved by something more,

More than just humans we share life with;

Why not fight for those who can’t - the creatures we adore,

And care for the animals we share the world with.


Should we care to learn of elephants’ minds and hearts,

We’d learn that they have impressive memory and can laugh,

They among all animals are by far the most smart,

They are social and grieve their dead on their behalf.


Elephants will put themselves in harm’s way,

To rescue other animals and humans too,

They know not to harm innocent strays,

And can sort among us who’s who.


Elephants’ tusks help them lift, dig, and in defense,

They even prefer one tusk more than another tusk,

Just as we are right or left-handed, it makes sense;

Our creator gave them tusks, and also gave them us.


People. People who are meant to be wise,

We are meant to have dominion over the lands;

We were given logic, minds, hearts. We can rise.

We can be educated. We can understand. We are man.


Why then do we poach these gentle giants entrusted to us,

For such frivolous wants…wants not needs,

How can we think of ourselves as superior among us,

When we commit such savage and murderous deeds.


Typically, the matriarchs of the herds are callously killed,

Leaving all others without mother or mothering leaders,

Like an endless loop of Bambi’s parents’ blood being spilled,

Slaughtering herd protectors and the babies’ feeders.


For what? Ornaments, jewelry, buckles, and combs,

Really? We call ourselves superior but murder just for toothy bones.

Written by Rachel Barreiros ©2018

Fun Patterned Socks
Kids with Capes
Boy looking into a jar of fireflies.jpg
A Poem Card.jpg
Client's Table Card
One of my many children's book works
Me In My Shoes

I stood on my feet​,

My feet stood in my shoes,

They both looked up at me,

Asking, "What should we do?"

My feet skipped and hopped,

Then they ran out the door,

Taking me on adventures,

Places to explore.

I can't believe what I'm achieving,

Doing things my shoes choose,

My shoes are so fearless and strong--

Oh! That's me in my shoes!

Written by Rachel Barreiros ©2019

One of my children's short stories

Superhero Girl

Ellie wanted an Earth Day birthday that shocked the girls and rocked the world. She caught a thought and thought a lot and thought actually a hero party would hit the spot! A hero can be anyone, anyone at all. Heroes can be little or big, or small or tall. A boy or girl, and at her party, girls above all. Ellie and her friends will dance with capes, dance, and tap and skip and traipse. They'll march to the birthday song and solve problems of the world, but most of all, and best of all, they'll celebrate the power of a superhero girl. 

Written by Rachel Barreiros

A Poem written for a Sweet 16 celebration
Briana's Perfect Night

A night to remember, the perfect night,

Starlit sky, fireflies, and a crackling fire,

No more to see than mystical light;

No more to do than watch the flames grow higher.


The air chills me, the wind shifts welcomed heat,

I am scented with sweet, earthy, smoke;

The autumn leaves and pinecones crunch beneath my feet,

Great happiness will this night stirringly evoke.


Fan the fire and watch neon embers rise,

Filling the space above me with hot glowing cinder,

Fanned embers appear as dancing fireflies,

This dance couldn’t be more graceful or tender.


A lantern’s handle grasped firmly in hand,

Playfully trying to catch fireflies,

For flashing wonders to be caught and canned,

One of many of this night’s whimsical prize.


A curious butterfly lands nearby,

Spell struck by the light as much as I am,

In no hurry, we take delight in standing by,

While I stack my marshmallow and chocolate on a graham.


I am fancied by the grasses, flowers, and trees,

Warmed by the fire, hypnotized by flame;

The twinkling painted sky puts me at ease,

Here or Heaven is just the same.


Every active thing speaks in a calming whisper,

I or no one could be judged in this magical light;

This place cannot be prettier, the air no crisper,

A night to remember, the perfect night.

Written by Rachel Barreiros ©2013

A Published Article I wrote 
Lee's Wrecker Service

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 1 AUGUST 1995 pages 63-64

Tow Times Magazine


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