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I am Rachel Barreiros, a superpowered wordsmith saving the day with gripping and compelling descriptions that linger in your mind like a saturating perfume wafting in an empty room after someone's exit. When I'm not writing, I'm being inspired to write by anything and everything. I am a ball of ooey-gooey mush that thinks considerately and feels deeply. Therefore, every animal's face, holiday or beautiful day, death in the news, the birth of a baby, blessing from God, memorable hug, or sway of a tree inspires me to write. My experience includes writing copy for the local newspaper as well as copy for my own business' radio commercials from which brought station reps to my door with a job offer as a copywriter. I've written an article published in Tow Times Magazine, studio-recorded corporate on-hold messaging, was the ghostwriter of a poem that received honors at a university, and entered a poem contest and won an all-expense paid vacation through a broadcasting network. The captain obvious of my passions is writing. I am also very passionate about my family, my dogs and all animals. Some of my hobbies are singing, reading, cooking, interior design, traveling, and watching movies. I have a special connection with children and understand them empathetically, so I am always over the moon when I come up with ideas for yet another children's book. I also frequently write sonnets and rhyming poems. I am married with two young adult daughters and we live happily on the coast in central Florida, not too far from Disney World, where we own a specialized heavy hauling transport business of 25 + years. In the business, I have learned business management extensively and have sharpened my writing skills from which I have won many disputes, suits, bids, and contracts. It is my indulgence to write and my greatest pleasure to write poems and children's books. I am currently submitting some of my work to publishers and agents. 

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